LTEaaS - LTE as a Service

FiSci is introducing LTEaaS, our subscription service designed to free up your budget so you can focus on increasing market share and expanding network coverage.


The Problem

Internet Service Providers are often unable to expand their networks as quickly as they would like due to restrictive budgets. In a market that is quickly becoming more competitive it is essential that ISPs maintain a healthy Opex to Capex ratio while removing any restrictions on growth strategy due to capital limitations.

Our Solution

Leveraging our exclusive partnership with Baicells Technologies, FiSci Technologies is able to provide the infrastructure buildout for a full end-to-end LTE network, 100% financed through our novel LTEaaS subscription program, along with the necessary training to deploy the network in the most effective manner.

Baicells all-IP plug-and-play LTE products allows for quick installations and expansions of network coverage areas at a disruptive price-point which is completely unique to the current fixed-wireless market. Furthermore, the equipment is future-proofed due to LTE’s standards-based technology specifications which are determined by the 3GPP.

In all, vendor-interoperability and network future-proofing can be guaranteed, drastically increasing the value of your network and business as a whole.

Curious how this works in the real world?

We partnered with Gigabeam Networks to bring internet to Whitesburg, KY.

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