Building LTE Networks For Our Schools

Our novel LTE as a Service program makes it possible for educational organizations to quickly setup an LTE network to get affordable internet to low-income students.

The Problem

Many schools in the US are serving financially struggling students who do not have internet access in their homes.  These students are unable to take advantage of online resources required to pass Advanced Placement (AP) classes or even complete their online homework. Their parents are unable to communicate effectively with teachers via online methods, and as a result these students fall behind their peers, risking their educational futures. This is the beginning of the digital divide we have seen in the educational space.

The Solution

Leveraging our exclusive partnership with Baicells Technologies, FiSci Technologies is able to build the infrastructure for a full end-to-end LTE network to provide wireless broadband service for a desired area. The solution is built using small cell form factor Base Stations for easy installations, cloud and physical LTE EPC core for phased deployment options and various user-end devices that enable students to connect to the network.

With our end-to-end LTE solution, a school district can flexibly deploy wireless networks in targeted areas at an affordable and scalable pace to enable students access to a broadband connection. Granting all students the benefit of a high-speed internet connection is essential for their educations and future. By building these networks we hope to combat the growing and worrisome digital divide. 




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