Smart Way Communications to Leverage FiSci Technologies LTEaaS Solution and Baicells’ LTE Small Cells to Expand Network Coverage in East Central Ohio

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Smart Way Communications is using LTE technology to expand its network coverage area to bring widespread broadband access across urban and rural areas of Tuscarawas, Harrison and Carroll counties, Ohio. The Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) will be using a unique expansion method called “LTE as a Service” (LTEaaS), provided by FiSci Technologies.

FiSci’s LTEaaS finance program allows internet service providers to build fixed-wireless LTE networks quickly and affordably due to an exclusive partnership with Baicells Technologies. The LTEaaS program grants operators access to Baicells disruptively-priced and technically innovative LTE small cells on a subscription basis.

“We chose the LTEaaS program from FiSci because it allowed us to structure our deployments without having to fully fund them up front,” said Ryan Grewell, CEO of Smart Way Communications. “Yes, there are other leasing options but none of them seem as integrated with the Baicells product nor are any of the ones we found set up the way FiSci is. This allowed us to create a long term deployment plan while planning and managing the costs in the short term.”

“We intend to turn up 40 sites with Baicells gear over the next 24 months,” continued Ryan. “Our plan is to build out the network and then install a large backlog of customers we previously could not service with traditional technologies. The unserved and underserved citizens in East Central Ohio will surely appreciate another option when it comes to rural broadband.”

“Smart Way wanted to expand into LTE and was interested in FiSci’s innovative LTEaaS subscription financing program,” said Armando Olivares, FiSci’s Director of Business Development. “After testing the Baicells LTE equipment, Smart Way was extremely satisfied with the technology. We are proud that they selected our technology as well as our LTEaaS program for their network buildout.”

About FiSci Technologies
FiSci Technologies partners organizations to provide LTE infrastructure as a service. In partnership with Baicells Technologies Co., Ltd, FiSci provides the full end-to-end LTE infrastructure, 100% financed, along with the proper training and engineering services necessary to deploy the network in the most efficient manner. By providing the full turnkey LTE solution with financing, FiSci makes it possible for organizations and communities to quickly deploy and expand LTE networks to provide internet where it may not be readily available.

About Baicells
Baicells is a privately-held, high tech company providing disruptively-priced and technically innovative LTE wireless broadband access solutions, supporting fixed wireless, and mobile small cells. With the vision to connect the unconnected, Baicells has introduced some real breakthrough technologies to LTE, like moving a complete LTE system to unlicensed spectrum and building it with an IT based architecture. With Baicells’ turnkey end-to-end solutions, it becomes much easier to provide wireless internet within everyone’s reach at a very low cost. Baicells’ innovative solutions can be used by mobile operators, broadband access operators, cable operators, mobile virtual operators, governments and enterprise private networks.

About Smart Way Communications
Smart Way Communications is a High Speed Internet and Data Services company from Tuscarawas County Ohio. They started their business with a vision of providing high quality service to the rural areas of the county that currently could not get a reliable internet service. Their vision for the company continued to expand as demand increased to include many of the urban areas such as Dover, New Philadelphia, Uhrichsville, Dennison, Gnadenhutten, Port Washington and beyond. Today Smart Way Communications network has grown to cover nearly 6,800 potential homes. Their connection with FiSci technologies will provide them the tools to continue rapid expansion efforts.

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