Calpine Wireless, in Partnership with FiSci Technologies, to Expand High-Speed Internet Services in Northern California Using LTE Technology

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Calpine Wireless, a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) is utilizing FiSci Technologies LTEaaS Program to expand its fixed wireless LTE network to underserved residents in several counties in Northern California.

Calpine Wireless has built an extensive LTE network across Northern California. To continue building their network and expand current internet capacity, Calpine Wireless has decided to leverage FiSci Technologies’ unique LTEaaS Program. The LTEaaS Program will give Calpine the ability to acquire Baicells LTE equipment for a low, monthly cost allowing the internet provider to expand its wireless internet services at a much faster rate than previously possible.

Baicells LTE equipment uses cloud-based core architecture, has superior NLOS performance and a plug-and-play nature that gives organizations the ability to build LTE networks quickly and affordably. FiSci Technologies LTEaaS program allows operators to pay for the equipment as they grow, and comes with training and network buildout assistance to ensure optimum equipment use. Using LTE technology, Calpine Wireless will be able to deliver reliable broadband connectivity and increase its coverage area to underserved residents in Northern California.

“Calpine Wireless has been providing top of the line wireless internet services across an ever expanding network in Northern California,” said Daniel Suster, FiSci’s Director of Sales Engineering. “We are thrilled to support their efforts and ease Calpine’s ever growing resource demands through our LTEaaS program. This enables Calpine to reach new customers with an innovative solution.”

About FiSci Technologies

FiSci Technologies is a Madison-based company that partners with educational organizations, municipalities, service providers, public safety entities, and private enterprises to provide LTE infrastructure as a service. In cooperation with Baicells Technologies, FiSci will provide the full turnkey end-to-end LTE infrastructure, 100% financed through our LTEaaS subscription program, along with the proper training. The plug-and-play nature of the Baicells all-IP LTE solution allows for quicker installations and expansion of network coverage area at a disruptive price point which is unique to the market. FiSci makes it possible for organizations and communities to quickly deploy and expand LTE networks to provide internet where it may not be readily available.

 About Calpine Wireless

Calpine Wireless is a fast-growing WISP located in Oroville, California. Founded in 2015, they provide Carrier Grade Internet service. Their 4G LTE Internet equipment operates in a licensed frequency, unlike competitors that use WiFi equipment. Calpine’s equipment is backed by the industry leader in LTE equipment and are constantly expanding coverage areas to provide a fast and reliable Internet experience. To learn more visit:

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