Air Advantage, In Partnership with FiSci Technologies, Is Upgrading High-Speed Internet Coverage Across 10 Counties in Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay and Thumb Region

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FiSci Technologies

FiSci Technologies, the singular provider of its novel LTEaaS program, and Air Advantage have agreed to a multi-year deal to upgrade wireless network coverage to thousands of underserved residents of Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay and Thumb Region.


Air Advantage will leverage FiSci Technologies’ unique LTEaaS program to expand its network coverage across HuronTuscolaSanilacSaginawBayLapeerSt. Clair, and parts of northern GeneseeOakland, and Macomb counties. “We have already begun the roll-out of the LTE equipment and have deployed that equipment on 10 of our 160+ network towers,” said Scott Zimmer, CEO of Air Advantage. “We signed up with the LTEaaS program to help us roll out this product to our entire service area much faster and more affordably.  We are continuing to build out towers and plan to move this project into high gear when the weather makes it easier to work outside in Michigan.” This LTE upgrade, along with the already fiber connected transmission towers, will improve the Air Advantage customer experience when using the Internet in a rural environment.  Until now, the wireless industry has had a difficult time providing a service that meets consumer demand.  This LTE equipment has proven that those consumer expectations can be met in a rural, wireless environment.


FiSci Technologies makes it possible for internet service providers to build fixed-wireless LTE networks quickly and affordably through an infrastructure as a service platform, dubbed LTEaaS (LTE as a Service). This service finances fixed-wireless LTE network buildouts and provides equipment and deployment training. “We chose the LTEaaS program because we really like the idea of only paying for the product as you grow with revenue generating subscribers,” said Scott Zimmer. “The refresh of technology and the 4-year warranty are also key areas that we focused on during the decision-making process that made the LTEaaS program very attractive to Air Advantage.”


“We are incredibly excited to be working with Air Advantage,” said the founder of FiSci Technologies, Jesse Raasch. “We are continuously seeking to enable internet providers to expand their services to cover those who are lacking high-speed internet, and our LTEaaS program makes it possible for that to be affordable for all parties involved. Air Advantage is particularly eye-catching due to the scope of the project and the amount of people that we plan on connecting. I can’t wait to see the network grow over the next several years.”

About FiSci Technologies
FiSci Technologies is a Madison, Wisconsin-based company that partners with educational organizations, municipalities, service providers, public safety entities, and private enterprises to provide LTE infrastructure as a service. In partnership with Baicells Technologies Co., Ltd, FiSci will provide the full end-to-end LTE infrastructure, 100% financed through our LTEaaS subscription program, along with the proper training necessary to deploy the network in the most efficient manner. The plug-and-play nature of the Baicells all-IP LTE solution allows for quicker installations and expansion of network coverage area at a disruptive price point which is unique to the market. By providing the full turnkey LTE solution with financing, FiSci makes it possible for organizations and communities to quickly deploy and expand LTE networks to provide internet where it may not be readily available.


About Air Advantage
Air Advantage overcomes the connectivity problems faced by Michigan’s broad rural geography through deployment of Michigan’s finest and most diversified high-speed internet network, which leverages both fixed-wireless towers on top of the ground and next-generation fiber optics under the ground.  Air Advantage is high-speed Internet – for all of the Great Lakes Bay and Thumb Region of Michigan.


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