How We Brought Internet To Whitesburg

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The Mutual Benefits of Subscriber Programs
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Recurring business models have largely overtaken standard business practices. The recent growth of the SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS models demonstrate this. It isn’t happening without a reason, these model have … Read More

Air Advantage, In Partnership with FiSci Technologies, Is Upgrading High-Speed Internet Coverage Across 10 Counties in Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay and Thumb Region
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FiSci Technologies, the singular provider of its novel LTEaaS program, and Air Advantage have agreed to a multi-year deal to upgrade wireless network coverage to thousands of underserved residents of Michigan’s Great … Read More

The Votes Are In: Fort Collins Will Become Its Own Internet Service Provider
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In 2010, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado teamed up with Colorado State University for the Google Fiber challenge. If chosen, Google Fiber, a fiber-to-the-premises service that provides broadband internet, would … Read More

Serving America’s Underserved Students
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Imagine you’re a high school student. Tonight, you have a couple hours of basketball practice. Your history teacher also assigned a paper on the industrial revolution. Using the internet to … Read More

SaaS and LTEaaS
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LTEaaS Subscription Program: Drawing Inspiration from SaaS Systems Software as a Service SaaS, or Software as a Service, forever changed the way that software would be bought, sold, and consumed. … Read More

FiSci & Gigabeam Launch Whitesburg LTE Network
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On Sept 9 FiSci Technologies and Gigabeam Networks launched a new, low-cost, high-speed internet service for the residents of Whitesburg, KY. Citing frustrations from Whitesburg residents with current internet providers … Read More