How We Brought Internet To Whitesburg

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FiSci & Gigabeam Launch Whitesburg LTE Network
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On Sept 9 FiSci Technologies and Gigabeam Networks launched a new, low-cost, high-speed internet service for the residents of Whitesburg, KY. Citing frustrations from Whitesburg residents with current internet providers … Read More

LTE in the IoT
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The concept of the Internet of Things is growing every day as the availability of broadband networks is increasing and the cost of connecting is decreasing. As you may already … Read More

The “Sprint Spectrum”
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The Origin The story of the 2.5-2.6 GHz spectrum is one that contains a convoluted history, and a simple Google search inquiring into the past of this spectrum will only … Read More

FiSci and Baicells Form Strategic Partnership
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FiSci & Baicells Partnership: FiSci Technologies has inked a partnership with Baicells Technologies, an international vendor of LTE hardware. This grants FiSci the unique ability to use Baicells’ equipment to … Read More